Wedding Guide



I love a stylish dress with pockets, so it's pretty safe to say that I LOVE the trend of wedding dresses with pockets. Who wouldn't?! So practical to be able to keep your phone and lip gloss handy at all times!


Marble Cakes

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love cake and even more ones so beautiful you don't want to eat it! I'm really loving this sophisticated sweet trend. 


Minimal In All Things

With all things minimal these days, brides are going for a more "less is more" approach including their hair and makeup for the big day. I love the thought of brides embracing their natural beauty and focusing more on just enhancing it. 

Engagement Location Tips

Golden Hour

Display Your Personalities

Find the Light


Ever wonder how couples get those glowy dreamy photos? It's all about the sunlight. To get that golden honey glow, schedule your session an hour before the sun goes down or for you early birds, an hour after the sun comes up. 

Find the Light

Display Your Personalities

Find the Light


If it's not possible to have your shoot during golden hour, search for even soft light. This my be hard when it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon and the sun is blazing down, so look for even shade behind a white or neutral colored wall. In harsh sun with no shade stand with your back towards the sun for pretty smiles and no squinty eyes. 

Display Your Personalities

Display Your Personalities

Display Your Personalities


I love to have my couples choose three words to describe their relationship and then display those qualities. Are you two silly and goofy, more adventurous, or perhaps low-key. With any location you choose use props to show your silly side, climb a tree to show the adventure or a sit on a picnic blanket to cuddle on. The key is to keep it fun and unique. 

Indoor Ideas

Various Portrait Spots

Display Your Personalities


 The great outdoor is, well, great but the cozy indoors can also be just the ticket. An in home lifestyle session showing off your awesome cooking skills can showcase a more intimate connection. Love paintings, sculptures and art? Check out your local museum or art gallery. Indoor gardens, libraries, your favorite coffee shop or even a busy location such as a theme park can all be great locations to celebrate who you are as a couple. 

Various Portrait Spots

Various Portrait Spots

Various Portrait Spots


The best location for your engagement session should also have several areas for various backgrounds and scenery. Florida has water everywhere, so finding a lake or spring near areas of open field is just the ticket. For a more urban feel, be open to parking garages, cobblestone allies and even subway stations.  

Just Go With It

Various Portrait Spots

Various Portrait Spots

Engaged couple under a bubble umbrella during engagement photo session

Since the weather man we all know has a hard time predicting the weather, especially in Florida, staying positive and a bit adventurous is key. Some of the most common locations can look epic with a gentle rain or snow and who doesn't love a cool water reflection shot of a sweet kiss and leg pop?! Bring that clear bubble umbrella and just have fun!

Outfit Session Guide


Casual or Dressy

Whether you're going for a casual urban look or a more dressed up session, A-line skirts or dresses are not only flattering but also create beautiful movement in photos. 


Light Colors

Light colored outfits not only photograph beautifully, they also add to the warmth and light colored backgrounds I'm always searching for. 


Have Two Outfits?

I offer some engagement sessions that include an outfit change, so if you can't decide on two looks, bring them both!